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Having ideas about what to sell is the easy part. The real question is what will sell and how can we know How to choose the best seller products - part 2it upfront.
The main goal for this article is to narrow down the number of product ideas to the one that have better sales potential.
There are few criteria to check, and if your product doesn’t meet the criteria, cross them out.


Niche Criteria.

Find a niche that has enthusiastic fans. If you choose products from a small niche that don’t have more than a million fans , it will be hard for you to sell your products. Don’t choose a too broad and general niche, like for example Kitchen Accessories. You will have hard time finding your customers.

Choosing a cycling niche for example will be easier for you to find the enthusiastic fans and selling them your products.


Stay Away from General Categories

I suggest you focus on finding an interesting subcategory that will make your store unique. Don’t fall into the trap of selling in general categories.

For example I recommend to stay away from niches like “cars”, “jewelry”, “sports”…. Subcategories can be “race car”, “special bracelets”, “golf”, etc.


Best Price for your products.

We have found out that the best price to sell your products is $30-$70 (with 100% margin on the price you buy it at).

If you choose products that are to expensive you will find it hard to sell them as your store is new and you haven’t created any trust yet.

Choose products that can cost you up to $20-$30 and sell them with at least $10 profit margin.


Decide your Marketing Channels

There are few ways to sell your products. Depending on the price and category of the product you should decide on which channel to sell it.

Facebook is a good channel to sell intuitive products, and Google ads is good to sell higher price products.

Advertising an $1200 Carbon Wheel on Facebook won’t be a good idea, but it can sell much better with Google Adwords.

A Carbon Wheel is not a spontaneous purchase and in most cases customers will google it before they buy it.

Here is a Table of the most suitable channels to sell your products.


Google Trends

It is important to understand if your product is in a increasing or decreasing trend. Go to trends.google.com and try to understand if it is worth promoting your products.

What should you avoid?

You should avoid promoting products that have only little search traffic.

If you are going to promote your products with SEO you should avoid all products that have high competition.


Copyrights/Brand Products

Don’t sell brands or copyrighted products!

You want to build up your own brand. It is easy to sell copyrighted products for cheap since 99% of them are fake. But you don’t want to mess with the owners of the copyrighted product that will get to you eventually after seeing your promotions.


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