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Facebook pixel is a number that allows Facebook to track data in your store.

Once implementing Facebook pixel in your store, Facebook can track visitors in your store. The pixel gives Facebook all data about your visitors: did they only view products or which product they have been adding to their cart and even if they purchased a product.

One of the great tools we can use with Facebook called – re-targeting. It allows you to create an advertising campaign only for the visitors or only for the “add to cart” customers. You can even create a promotion campaign only for your buyers.

It’s very important to add the pixel to your store before starting to advertise your store on Facebook. Once you have better data on your visitors , you can make retargeting ads that will bring you better ROI (Return of investment).

One of the things that I was frustrated about with Facebook is adding the pixel to my store. But today it is really simple to do it.

How to add the New Facebook Pixel to Your Store

First, let’s create your Pixel.

  • Go to you Ads Manager
  • Click on “Pixel”


Click on "pixels" in Facebook ads manager - Facebook pixel guide for Shopify

Click on “pixels” in Facebook ads manager

3- you’ll be promoted to create a new pixel now.

Create new Facebook pixel - Facebook pixel guide for Shopify

Now create new Facebook pixel

Name your pixel and click create

Name your pixel and click “create pixel”

Once you have the pixel code, search for a string of 15 numbers. That’s your Pixel ID. Copy this number.

Look for a string of 15 numbers of the Pixel ID in the code - Shopify FB pixel guide

Search for a string of 15 numbers in the code (see screenshot)

Next, in your Shopify Admin section, navigate to “Settings”→ “Online Store”.

Here is a quick video on where to paste the code

VIDEO -> https://screenshot.click/02-5M-4jr3y-vss3h.mp4

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