What is the top 5 ways to increase sales on your Shopify store
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Many customers will visit your store and only few will buy, why is it?

There are many reasons for that , but we will focus on the main one, TRUST!

If the customer can’t trust you he won’t buy from you.

How do we create trust?

Why customers look for your about us page

Your about-us page – the page the customers look for


First start with the “About Us” – Customers want to know who is behind the company, They want to see a face,office,team…

Tell them your story, How did you start and why have you decided to open this store. What is your vision. Share some pictures of you or your team. You can even share a video telling your customer who are you and why they should buy from you.



You have to make it easy for the customer to contact you.

There are few options –

Live chat- By using an App you can create in your store a button for live chat, once the customer click on it he can chat with you or one of the workers. We recommend on Tawk (https://apps.shopify.com/tawk-to)

Phone number- Many customers will want to have a call with live person.

It’s better to have both of them and make it easy to customers to reach you.


Encouraging your customers to contact you will make them trust you which mean more sales.



Many of your customers will check the return policy before making a purchase. Make sure to go over your return policy and that your return policy is related to your store and not copied from other stores.

Place this information where ever you can: in the footer area, product page and also in the FAQ



Before placing the order, many customers will check the reviews on the product. Most of the people will look for the social prove before they will place their order.

We recommend on using 3rd party like TrustPilot to receive real reviews from your customers.

You can also use Apps like SocialPhotos  that will allow your customers to upload their pictures with the purchased item to your website


Customers buying online will always look for the security badge; they want to be sure that if they are placing their credit card details, its secure and not a fraud.

With Shopify you can use  McAfee Secure Trustmark and eTrusted. They are easy to implement at your store.

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