Quickly Import Unlimited Products from Aliexpress.com with a Click of a Button!

We have developed A user friendly chrome extension that is quick and simple to use, easily pull products (variants, images, pricing, title, description, shipping, tags etc...) from Aliexpress and have them on your shopify store with a click of a button.   

Expressfy Features - Import Products from Aliexpress.com

Aliexpress Order Fulfillment

Don't spend hours to fulfill orders manually!
Press "Order from Aliexpress" and have Expressfy automatically place the order details. 

The fulfillment process take just a few clicks, the variants and the customer information will be filled automatically.

Expressfy Features - Aliexpress Order Fulfillment

Powerful Dropshipping Research

ePacket & Seller Rating Identification allow you 
find trusted sellers

Our Extension allows you to easily find trusted sellers & filter products with the fastest delivery times.
this feature is part of our free chrome extension which can be downloaded here

Expressfy Features - Powerful Dropshipping Research - epacket and trusted sellers

Product Customization & Price Automation Rules

Easily add products to your Shopify store with a Click

Edit title, descriptions, variants & much more
with the easy to use chrome extension

Price your products automatically with Expressfy markup automation rules.
for example, you can choose 300% markup and Expressfy will automatically populate the price for you. 

Expressfy Features - Product Customization & Price Automation Rules

Import Aliexpress Customer Feedback

Quickly Import Aliexpress Product Reviews To Your Store!

Build social proof instantly by adding Aliexpress customer feedback to your product listing on your Shopify store. 

Expressfy Features - Import Product Reviews and Feedbacks from Aliexpress.com

New Features?

Would you like to have new features on expressfy? 
if there is any way we can meet your needs better, we would like to know!
If you have any suggestions or ideas as to how we can improve our product, please let us know

you can contact us directly on support@expressfy.com or by click here and fill the form.